School Served: Ohio University
Contact 1: Matt Thomas, Campus Minister
Address: 6545 South Blackburn Road
Phone Number: 740-593-8444
Affiliated Church: Blackburn Hill Church of Christ
School Served: Ohio State University
Contact 1: Jeff Darby, Campus Minister
Primary Email: jeffdarby72@gmail.com
Address: 1130 Fishinger Road
Phone Number: 614-297-8560
Affiliated Church: Fishinger & Kenny Church of Christ
Affiliated Church Website: www.fandk.org
School Served: University of Cincinnati
Other Schools: Cincinnati State Tech. & Community College
Contact 1: Scott Johnson, Campus Minister
Primary Email: Scottjohnson015@gmail.com
Address: 695 Berkshire Lane
Phone Number: 513-919-9626
Affiliated Church: Clifton Church of Christ
Affiliated Church Website: www.cliftonchurchofchrist.com